Left labia reduction (labiaplasty) 6 days post-op. Will the swelling go down? (photos)

I had labiaplasty 6 days ago to reduce my left labia. My surgeon took the stitches out 5 days post-op. Prior to the suture removal, I was in a horrible amount of pain, couldn't dab after urinating, couldn't sit, couldn't walk, had yellow discharge. Now, a day after, it has already seen vast improvement and does not hurt. There is often slight irritation but that is expected. My only question is whether or not the swelling will reduce to more accurately match my right labia.

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Post-Op Healing for Labiaplasty

Swelling after #Labiaplasty is usually present for several weeks.  It’s possible that swelling can persist for two or three months. Firmness of tissue can remain for 4-6 months, so you should be patient for full recovery to complete. Postoperative care will usually consist of sitz baths or soaking the area in warm soapy water starting approximately 2 days after a surgery.  The sutures will dissolve over the course of several weeks. This will in part depend upon the #Labiaplasty technique used, the amount of brusing and they way in which your body heals. Ice can help reduce swelling. Arnica and Bromelain may help.  Direct massage may be useful as well, but you may want to see you surgeon in person regarding any excess discomfort or pain being felt that are disrupting your daily activities.  Patients return to most normal activities immediately after surgery with the exception of activities that will create direct pressure on the #vaginalregion such as certain exercise equipment and #sexualactivity.  It will be necessary to refrain from these forms of physical activity, including sex, for approximately 4-6 weeks.

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Swelling after labiaplasty

6 days after surgery is still very early in the recovery process. I am sorry to hear you were having so much pain and discomfort, but everything should improve from here on out. It is normal to still have so much swelling after the procedure, and it sounds like you saw your doctor yesterday (or the day before you wrote this question) when he took your sutures out. If he examined you and found that everything was ok, then you should not worry. If the pain and swelling don't go down in the next few days, then go ahead and call your doctor just to double check that everything is ok. Good luck!

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Labiaplasty x 6 days

It is difficult to say whether both sides will be symmetrical but the only way to find out is sit back and wait for the edema/swelling to resolve.   This usually takes 6-8 weeks for the superficial edema and the deeper firmer inflammatory response usually takes months.  The deeper inflammation you usually can't see but feel as it feels firmer at the incision lines and deeper -- this too will resolve oner time.
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Swelling can take several weeks to completely resolve after labiaplasty

Most of the pain you felt after your labiaplasty was due to inflammation around the sutures. Once the sutures are removed, that inflammation subsides, but there is also the inflammation of the healing process that needs to resolve and this takes 6 weeks on average.

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Only 6-days post-op labiaplasty; can I tell the final results this early?

Everything looks fine; your surgeon did a good job. It will take a full 6-8 weeks (!) for all the swelling to go down. I tell my patients that you can get an "idea" of outcome by 4-6 weeks, but it is a full 3-4 MONTHS before you really know final results. Things change day-by-day. Now is 'way too early to evaluate!
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Will the swelling go down

Thank you for your question. It is common to have swelling and it usually takes several weeks for it to subside. Please follow instructions from your PS and will be fine

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Left labia reduction (labiaplasty) 6 days post-op. Will the swelling go down?

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  Swelling for the first several weeks after a labiaplasty is common as the tissues are thin and prone to enlargement.  Your results look appropriate for your current stage of healing so allow at least an additional 5 weeks to pass before assessing your long-term results.  Best wishes!

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Healing after labioplasty

Your results are looking very typical for 6 days postop! The swelling will continue to improve significantly over the next 1-2 weeks, and I think you will be very happy with your final result after the remainder of the swelling resolves!

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