Does the intone works as effective as vaginal rejuvenation? Then I could just save for the labia surgery only. (photos)

I am done having children, I've notice my second child had torn me more significantly than my first and I haven't been able to enjoy sex and I avoid getting into a relationship. I would like to tighten and make the outside look better. My libia needs improving, I can not hold my urine like I use too... I was thinking to try the intone. Do you think that would work or is vaginal reconstruction recommended? I was looking for a less invasive and cost effective route.

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Vaginal rejuvenation options

Hello Mshariley,

Thank you for your great question. You are experiencing vaginal relaxation symptoms following vaginal deliveries which is a very common problem. Every women is affected differently from childbirth and thus responds differently to treatments. I'm glad you found the In Tone device which is a great first step. If this isn't improving your symptoms then there are many other options. Please go to link below for more information regarding vaginal relaxation and prolapse.

You should have an evaluation by an experience reconstructive and cosmetic vaginal surgeon to better understand the options that are best for you.

Best of luck,

Oscar A. Aguirre, MD
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Intonen vs surgery

Thanks for sharing.  The problem with all CO2 lasers, Erbium lasers,  radiofrequency devices (i.e. nonsurgical therapy for vaginal rejuvenation --- tightening of the inside of the vaigna) is there is no long term data or even 1 year data for improving friction or tightness with intercourse.  If anyone tells you there is they are simply not informed or are lying to you.   I am an advisor for more than one of the companies for non surgical tightening yet I can not tell you they are perfect.   Most of these devices work on SOME individuals but we don't have data to show it lasts.  My experience over the last 2 years reveals most patients need to keep coming back (like botox) and spend approx $1000 per session after the first 3 sessions which costs about $3000.00.  

 Only surgical tightening has been proven and there are only 4 scientifically published articles  in the world at this time and my partner Dr Moore and I have co-authored two of these studies.  These studies are truly surgeon dependent and that means just because the authors of these studies have an 85 %  to 90% success rate 1 year after surgery this doesn't mean that other surgeons wil have the same success for their patients.  So please choose a surgeon wisely.

John R Miklos MD

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There's really only one way to get a tight vagina

The best way, unfortunately, is surgical tightening of the vagina. The lasers may work temporarily, but nothing will provide lasting vaginal tightness except surgery. A labiaplasty can be performed at the same time, as shown in the video above.

Adam J. Oppenheimer, MD
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The place of vaginal muscle strengthening devices in vaginal relaxation situations

An In-Tone(tm) device is a great way to strengthen and tone your intra-vaginal muscles and improve your ability to hold your urine, but unfortunately, this alone will not do the job alone. As one who works with women with exactly your situation, I would strongly recommend surgery from a trained cosmetic gynecologist or urogynecologist, who can perform a good & proper vaginal tightening operation consisting of a perineoplasty + vaginoplasty. I would additionally recommend a FemiLift treatment of the upper vagina to treat your moderate urinary incontinence. Most docs will give you a sizable discount for adding a labiaplasty. In our office, we charge for the vaginal rejuvenation (perineoplasty+ vaginoplasty,) giving 50% discounts for the labipalasty and the FemiLift.  THEN, for sure use your In-Tone(tm), APEX(tm) or Peri-Coach(tm) devices to make the results of your surgery last & last!

Best wishes,

Michael P Goodman, MD

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No. In-Tone does nothing for external appearances

In-Tone and other kegel muscles exercisers only work to strengthen muscles inside the vaginal canal which can't be seen and do not affect the external appearance. If you've had two kids vaginally and leak urine, you have damage to your pelvic supports and vaginal laxity. In-Tone will offer only partial improvement on the bladder issues, but little to nothing for vaginal laxity. Nonetheless, toned muscles are good to have going into a vaginoplasty surgery. You need a thorough pelvic exam by an expert in vaginoplasty and pelvic reconstructive surgery to see how much damage you have sustained and how much work you require to get things back into shape.

Marco A. Pelosi III, MD
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