Is it normal practice to create a belly button 4 weeks after a full tummy tuck to avoid the typical scarring that appears on bb?

I am a 41 yo 5'3 140lbs planning a full tummy tuck with vaser liposuction this summer. I am very concerned about the giveaway scarring around the belly button and the unnatural look of a TT bb. I want to look natural. My PS says there's a way to have the TT and not get a bb then come back in 4 weeks and under a local he can create a new bb with scars only on the inside. I have only seen photos of one case he did like this. I've never heard of this and not sure what to do. Any advice?

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Is it normal practice to create a belly button 4 weeks after a full tummy tuck to avoid the typical scarring that appears on bb?

Hi. To be honest with you, I've never heard of surgeon coming back 4 weeks later to recreate a belly button following a full tummy tuck. First, understand that the belly button after a tummy tuck is the patient's own belly button. the belly button or umbilicus is the remnant of the umbilical cord. It's basically scar tissue and its only purpose is to remind us of where we came from. 

The stalk of the belly button is attached to the underlying muscle layer. It arises and opens up on the surface of the abdominal skin. The surgeon is responsible for bringing out the belly button to the surface of the skin  the time of a full tummy tuck. The surgeon creates the new opening on he skin.Therefore, the great variation on the appearance of the belly buttons following a tummy tuck.I hope this explanation has serve you well. Goodluck

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Creating a belly button at a second surgery

I assume that this is possible. But I believe that a nice looking bellybutton can be created at the time of your tummy tuck. 

Umbilicus Creation and Tummy Tucks

It is not normal practice to have a secondary procedure to create the umbilicus after a tummy tuck. There are different techniques used at the time of a tummy tuck for creating one, either using your natural umbilicus with a new skin hole in the lowered abdominal skin flap or creating a brand new one from underneath by pulling cut edges of the skin down to the fascia from the overlying skin flap. But what you are describing is an unfamiliar umbilicoplasty technique for tummy tuck surgery.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
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Attention to detail is key to a nice appearing umbilicus after an abdominoplasty

Careful attention to the umbilicus is important since this is the most noticeable scar from an abdominoplasty.  Creating a new umbilicus is an unusual choice.  Careful attention to detail and technique can create a natural appearing umbilicus with the scars hidden with the depth of the umbilicus.  Creating a new umbilicus would be a last ditch effort if the umbilicus becomes necrotic.  

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Is it normal practice to create a belly button 4 weeks after a full tummy tuck to avoid the typical scarring that appears on bb?

The technique you describe is not part of any standard type of tummy tuck procedure and requires a second surgery. The techniques to create a belly button when one is absent at surgery do not produce a better scar than a well done umbilicoplasty (belly button creation part of the abdominoplasty).

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Is it normal practice to create a belly button 4 weeks after a full tummy tuck

We have not heard of this as the BB after tummy tuck is really your own original BB. With skill and care your own will look natural and fine and the scar can be hidden in the closure. Advice? You might consider a second consultation.

Peter E. Johnson, MD
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Belly Button Artistry with Tummy Tuck

The belly button scar is the tell tale sign of a tummy tuck, but can be hidden to make it nearly invisible.  I perform a technique with internal suturing to pull the scar inside the normal concave surface to make it less visible.  This is done at the same time at the tummy tuck. Make sure you are seeing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who is fully trained in this procedure and not someone that took a laser weekend course and calls themselves a "Cosmetic Surgeon".  You can find qualified Plastic Surgeons near you by googling "American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons" ( 

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