Follow up to" was my blepharoplasty successful or not 4 weeks post op or not" (photos)

1)i NEVER had any prior surgery on my eyes so the "before" pictures were correct. i really was born with eyes like that.2) the second picure shows whatmy ideal was,though i was explicitly told that lifting the lower lid that much was 100% impossible. 3)i'm not sure i remember the name of the operation i do remember that approximately 8 out of 22 milimetres were cut i think. 4) another plastic surgeon told me to tape my lips in a specific way would help not sure if true but doing it right now
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It looks a whole lot like you had a modified Kuhnt-Szymanowski procedure.

That is a very old procedure where a full thickness excision of the lid margin is performed in a highly visible part of the eyelid.  This type of repair was largely replaced in the mid 1980's with a lateral tarsal strip procedure.  Unfortunately shortening your lower eyelid is not at all likely to improve your appearance.  Rather shortening your lower eyelid is more likely to force the eyelid margin under the curvature of the eye, causing the lower eyelid to ride lower on the eye after surgery than before.  Also, the procedure is associated with the development of a notch in the visible portion of the eyelid.  What you needed in my opinion was augmentation of the orbital and vertical and horizontal repositioning of the eyelid relative to the lateral canthus.  Right now, you lower eyelid are swollen and I believe this is helping your appearance.  The question is how will you look in 1,2, and 3 months?

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Follow up to" was my blepharoplasty successful or not 4 weeks post op or not"

Sorry to say you were never a good candidate for surgery. The expected result was unattainable......

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Post op question

Thank you for your question.  Your 'after' photo is hard to evaluate, I would consider retaking and posting a second zoomed in picture.  In general at 4 weeks, it is non uncommon to have some residual swelling after blepharoplasty depending on the specifics of the procedure that was done.  You are still in the active healing process and final results are best evaluated at 6-12 months.  Please update your question so that it can possibly be answered more accurately.   

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