Will my implants become more round at top and also my left side of my breast sags will that change? (photos)

I had implants 21 years ago. I had saline under the muscle 325 ccs . I just recently had them exchanged 7 weeks ago with a lift and silicone naturelle 370 cc's . My implants seem flat at top and wanted a more round effect. Will this change and if not should I do more chest exercises to make them more round? Also on my left side of my breast I have a little sagging on one side . Do you think that will even out?

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"Round top" of breasts achieved with push-up bra, not implants!

Your implants appear a bit high in the present photos, and whether or not they drop over time will depend on whether or not your surgeon used the previous pockets (which are mature and will not sag or allow dropping over time), or if new pocket edges were opened to allow a bit more room for your marginally larger implants. If the latter, you can expect your implants will drop as healing and scar softening occur over time. But if the old pockets kept the same inframammary creases, they won't drop much, if at all.

Roundness at top (upper pole fullness) is a function of a good push-up bra, and having enough soft breast volume to actually push up. Unsupported, breasts should be soft and teardrop-shaped when a woman is upright, not high, round, and hard like Baywatch coconuts! Exercises will not help--at all!

Sagging loose skin may still be an effect of replacing implants, and should be allowed to settle for at least 6 months before considering any sort of revision. Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Breast asymmetry

From your results in your photos, in my opinion you look quite good for seven weeks out. It may take several months for the new shape of your breast to be visualized. Exercises will not make implants more around. I recommend you follow up with your chosen plastic surgeon. Good luck. 

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
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