I had a Mini Arm Lift, not sure how to fix this bulge of elastic skin on my arm where the stitch ends? (photos)

Will it get better? Is this a bad stitch job or is it inflamed and will go down eventually ? Do I need laser surgery or will I have to have scar revision. ?

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Needs time and future work

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This area will improve some over time as the incision matures and you continue to heal.

The pucker will likely need to be excised in the future.

Dog ear

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That area is called a dog ear, or standing cone. It is where the suture line ends and is a bit raised. You took out tissue. The ends of the closure can look like that because of that fact. Most of the time they go away with time. Sometimes they need to be revised. Talk to your surgeon.

Tracy E. McCall, MD
Milwaukee Plastic Surgeon
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