How much could my forehead be reduced? (photo)

I covered the rest of my face for privacy, but it's not as long as the black part so... my forehead should be a couple of centimetres shorter in my opinion, is that possible?

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Hairline advancmeent

You are a good candidate for hairline advancement with one consideration: if you lose hair in the future, that may make the incision line visible. That is one thing to consider when thinking about possible hairline advancement - to be discussed with your facial plastic surgeon. Otherwise an advancement of a bout 3/4-1 inch should be possible in you.

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Hair transplant

Dear Hecklat,

Being a male your best option for forehead reduction is hair transplantation.  It is possible to do hairline lowering in females and males but as males often continue to recede the incision line can become isolated anterior to the hairline.  If your relatives have not had hairline recession and if your hairline seems to be stable over many hears it is possible in males to do forehead reduction via the hairline lowering procedure.  It is always possible to pepper the incision line with hair transplants at a later date if there is recession of the hairline.


Dr Nettle 

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Many things are possible with cosmetic surgery. If you want to lower your hair line it is best to have an examination

Many things are possible with cosmetic surgery.  If you want to lower your hair line it is best to have an examination by a doctor.  The examination would tell you how much you can lower your hair line.

Jae Pak, MD
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Your hairline

There are population averages that you can use to determine your ideal hair line, but personal preference can factor in as well.  How much you can lower your hair is limited by the amount of donor hair you have if you do hair transplants, and how loose your scalp is if you do a surgical advancement.  A discussion with your surgeon with your surgeon will help your decide where you want your hairline, and an exam will help them determine if they can get it there.  With your short hairstyle, hair transplant may be the best option for you.  

Bryan Rolfes, MD

Bryan Rolfes, MD
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Forehead reduction

You have recession and with a hair transplant, you can move your hairline anyplace you and the doctor agree upon,

William Rassman, MD
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