How do I fix this embarrassing mess? (Photo)

I am 3 months along with my BA and I have 370 cc gummy bears. My left side in the picture has rotated sideways and is an inch lower than the other side. My surgeon thinks they look good but I think he's crazy. He doesn't think I should fix the rotation or size/location difference but I think it looks embarrassing. It did not look this asymmetrical before. What do I do?

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Breast Implants tend to change shape over years

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It looks like you are concerned with the position of your implants. Discuss this with your surgeon at your follow up visits. make sure he understands your feelings. Let him take postoperative photographs and analyze the results with you. Textured gummi bear implants do not usually rotate in a tight pocket. Most plastic surgeons prefer smooth round silicone implants because they feel and look very natural. Textured implants have a risk of seroma (fluid Collections) and shaped implants if rotated cause distortion. I use all of the implants for the right patient. Good luck...

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hard to tell exactly what is going on -
implant malposition with the fold slightly higher on the left vs an early capsular contracture
best to see your PS
best of luck

How do I fix this embarrassing mess? (Photo)

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Unfortunately, the only way to fix a rotated anatomical implant is with another surgery. Best to have an open discussion with your operating surgeon to discuss ways to revise this situation. Good luck!

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