Should I go to this doctor for eyelid work?

The doctor says, on his website, that he is a diplomat of the American Board of Opthalmology (ABO); Fellow of the American Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (ASOPRS); Diplomat of the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery (ABCS); Fellow of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS); and Fellow of the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), among others. Which of these boards/academies are ABMS certified and good for an oculoplastic surgeon to have? Should I go here?

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Should I go to this particular doctor for eyelid surgery?

You ask a great question.  ABO is the American Board of Ophthalmology, which is an ABMS (American Board Medical Specialties) board certification.  In fact Ophthalmology was the first to get board certification.  ASOPRS means he is a fellow of the American Society Ophthalmic Plastic Reconstructive Surgery, which is a separate organization that members have to of completed a competitive 2-year fellowship in oculofacial plastic surgery following Ophthalmology residency, passed a rigorous oral and written exam, written a thesis, and had their surgical logs reviewed.  ASOPRS members tend to be the most well trained, experienced, and busiest eyelid surgeons.  However, there are other great eyelid surgeons from facial plastic and general plastic surgery backgrounds.  Having these "certifications" is a great place to start, but you would want to meet with the surgeon and make sure you are comfortable with him or her and their staff.  Also check online reviews, which can usually be helpful as well as local reputation.  

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Eyelid surgeon

From the information presented, it does appear that the surgeon has the appropriate credentials. Just as important as the credentials is looking at  before-and-after results that the surgeon has provided.

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Qualifications of oculoplastic surgeon

Those are great certifications that this oculoplastic surgeon has. It is also important to look at before/after photos of the interested procedure. 

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Ophthalmologists are qualified

This doctor has the appropriate background, certifications, and qualifications to do eyelid surgery.  It's best to meet him, look at his results, and his experience before you make a decision.

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This are very good qualifications.

However great these qualification are, it is not the full story on a surgeon.  What is there actually work like?  Study their before and after images on their website.  This will be their best work.  Do you like it?  Are they showing work similar to what you are seeking.  What are they like in their consultation.  My surgical consultations run approximately an hour.  Is your potential surgeon through and answer all your questions or did they only spend a few minutes with you.  Look up your surgeon on the website for the State Medical Board where they practice.  Is their license in good standing?  Always get more than one opinion regarding surgery.

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Board Certification

ABO is the ABMS certification. All the Academy memberships are additional credentials and evidence of extensive education, training and qualification. Ultimately, you need to meet with the doctor and his staff and decide for yourself if you wish to have surgery with him.

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Surgeon credentials?

It is important for your surgeon to have achieved proper medical educational & board certification credentials. Membership in appropriate medics-surgical professional organizational is a plus.    Equally important is the surgeon's surgical abilities/skills and his/her personality.   Only after consulting with the physician can rapport be established between the two. It is important that each patient feel comfortable with that  physician and vice versa, in an atmosphere which is unhurried and informative where the pros and cons of each procedure can be addressed. 

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Should I go to this doctor for eyelid work?


Thank you for your question, it is best to read the patient revıews and also to see the before and after photos from prevıous patients.

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