3rd day after epicantoplasty, one eye is a lot more pulled. Will removing the epicantoplasty stitches reduce stretching? (Photo)

I believe either too much skin was cut or the stitching is pulling the eye inwards. Feel tension in the inner eye and cannot open that eye as much as the other. Feels like lids are very heavy. Other eye opens fine

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I am concerned for you.

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However at this point, there is no intervention possible other than letting the eyelids heal.  I think you are already demonstrating upper eyelid ptosis which can develop after eyelid surgery due to swelling.  Although epicanthal surgery is popular in the Far East, I seldom recommend it to my patients undergoing Asian eyelid surgery because it is simple not predictable and places a scar in a high visible place.  The opportunity to go from an inside crease to an outside crease is desirable but not worth the risk of an unacceptable outcome which occurs commonly with epicanthal surgery.  Three days out, presumably you are still in Thailand.  Best of luck to you and please keep us posted about your progress here on Realself.

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