Follow-up Question - Chin and jaw reshaping? (T Shaped Chin Osteotomy)

I asked a question on realself about reshaping my square jaw and chin to a more oval feminine shape. A dr kindly replied suggesting t shaped chin osteotomy. I like the sounds of this. Could I have some more information on this please? I.e. How it is performed & will it give me a more tapered oval faceshape? My forehead is oval already. I have jaw Botox for the muscles but it's still square. I dislike shape of my jaw and chin as I'm quite small It stands out alot and gives me a masculine look.

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Chin Osteotomy and Jaw Angle Reduction

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The intraoral t-shaped chin osteotomy is based on removing a middle segment of the down fractured chin and putting it back together in a more narrow fashion. This type of chin osteotomy has advantages over just burring down the sides of the chin as it is more effective in many cases and eliminates the risk of chin ptosis because some of the soft tissue attachments to the chin are maintained. Jaw angle reduction would be done by a combination of jaw angle bone burring and electrocauterization of the inner surface of the muscle to help it shrink down permanently in size.

V line lower jaw procedures

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The 'T' chin surgery is performed from inside the mouth and a small section of the center chin is removed to narrow the chin. You can also taper the 'back' of the lower jaw so that 'botox' is no longer necessary. This is commonly referred to as a V-line surgery. The Korean web sites are good with diagrams on the procedures that some of us perform. 

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