Can a brow lift cure magraines?

I heard somewhere that a brow lift can cure miagraines- is this true? If not, is there a surgery that can? Thanks

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Can a brow lift cure magraines?

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I have never seen a patient who stated that migraines disappeared or were reduced by a brow lift.  If the source of the migraine can be isolated, botox injections can be quite beneficial for some.  Starting with an evaluation by a neurologist would be my first recommendation for you.  Best wishes,

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Brow Lift

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Thank you for your question. I suggest that you move forward and consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon to discuss a brow lift. If you want to search for a cure for migraines, then you should consult with a neurologist.

Best wishes,

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Can a brow lift cure migraines?

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Migraine is a type of headache disorder associated with pain, nausea, sensitivity to light. These attacks may be triggered by anxiety, stress, lack of food or sleep, and even certain foods. 

Pain is rarely cured with surgery. Neurologists are the best doctors to treat migraine. They can help you identify triggers and avoid migraines.  

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Can a Brow Lift Cure Migraines?

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Changing the position of your brows will not cure migraines but if the procedure involves cutting the corrugator muscles during the lift in a patient whose migraines are triggered in this location migraine relief can be achieved.

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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Can a brow lift cure migraines?

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Yes, sometimes it can if raising your brows constantly is a trigger for your migraines.  I have had many patients achieve tremendous improvement.  Some also over contract their frown muscles between their brows (the corrugators, procerus, and depressor superciliaris).  Wrinkle blocker (e.g., Botox) can also be helpful.  Improvement of your migraines is, however, not a guarantee with either wrinkle blocker or brow lift surgery.  If you have heavy brow and are interested in a brow lift then it would be worthwhile to get a consultation.  Best regards.

John R. Burroughs, MD
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