30 with +6 and +5.5 hyperopia but still can't see well with contacts - What other options do I have?

I've been farsighted since I was a child, but vision has got worse in my mid 20's. At this point, I cannot drive at night and have significant trouble viewing signs during the day. I also have trouble focusing and my eyes tire easily. I'd like to know what other options may be available to me, including surgery.

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30 year old +6

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Your vision is at the extreme of what can be corrected with laser vision correction. With your prescription, I have had good results with the Allegretto laser; I would not perform such a treatment with the Visx laser, which is not as effective for this prescription. Still, I would caution a patient with this prescription that we might not achieve a full correction, and would you be happy if you were a +1 or +2 afterwards?

Natural lens replacement is also an option. Many doctors would recommend against this option, however, for someone your age, and would recommend that you wait until you are 40 or older.

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