Wounds/openings after a Lower body lift what should be my next step? Do I have to undego another surgery? (photo)

After having LBL had openings, wounds. 4 different areas 5 Holes. The 2 at my hip where the drain was, one right next to it and there is a tunnel in between they got infected. That was taken care of. They've healed to right below the top of the skin but are not closing fully, a nurse at the wound care facility said they may stay like that. My doctor isnt in my state and is apparently upset at my honest reviews on here. If you have any insight or recommendations I would appreciate it thank you.

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Delayed healing is not a major problem

Delayed healing and wound separation can happen in any surgery but is more common in body lift surgery for a number of reasons.  It is an inconvenience but not the end of the world.  These will heal in nearly all cases. Once healed the scar will mature.  It is likely that a simple scar touchup is all that is needed to improve cosmesis.  I would continue to see the surgeon that did your original procedure.  They should want the best for you.  My guess is they will touch up the scar at little or not cost.  If I were them I would certainly want to do that, so that you got an amazing result.  It would be a silly reason not to have you happy when it could easily be improved.  I certainly would offer that to my patients...its part of the unwritten contract, that I will care for my patients until they are healed and we are in nearly all cases both happy.

Dr Rodger Shortt
Oakville Plastic Surgeon
Assistant Clinical Professor &
Director of Cosmetic Surgery Training Program, 
McMaster University

Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Body lift wounds 360 lower body lift

I am sorry you are having wound healing problems.  It is difficult to determine exactly what caused these wounds and we never know the cause.  The cause would be important to know, however treating the wounds is far more important at this point. 
It is important to have a proper medical personnel observing and treating the wound. I would suggest following up with your plastic surgeon.   Wound treatment may include oral and topical antibiotics.  To determine the precise type of bacteria in the wound, would cultures may be necessary.  You may benefit from hyperbaric treatment; this type of treatment forces oxygen into your tissues and can accelerate healing.  You would benefit from wet to dry dressing with normal saline or Dakin's solution.  You may also need wound debridement in the office.  Fortunately, almost ALL of these types of wounds fill in and heal over time.  
To accelerate healing, I would suggest you try to do the following each day: 100 grams of protein, a daily multivitamin, 220 mg of Zinc,  400 mg of Magnesium, 500 mg of Vitamin C (4 times a day), Vitamin B complex, Arginine 1000 mg (3 times a day),  Glutamine 5 mg (3 times a day), and a Probiotic.  These vitamins and supplements have been shown in the surgical literature to accelerate wound healing.  
Good luck. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact my office.  
Dr. Katen

J. Timothy Katzen, MD, FACS
Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Body lift - open areas across incision

Thank you for asking about your lower body lift.

  • I am sorry you are going through this.
  • Healthy tissue heals - your open wounds do not look truly healthy.
  • You need to see a plastic surgeon experienced in body lift surgery and wound care -
  • Your wounds look as though they need debridement or different topical care. 
  • They will heal in 6 - 10 weeks once all the tissue pink and granular.
  • Once the wounds are fully healed - wait 6 - 12 months before any revision.
  • Small areas of slow healing occur with body lifts and often do not need revision afterwards.
  • It is frustrating for surgeon and patient when surgery is out of the area and a problem arises -
  • For this reason, many surgeons - myself included - ask patients to arrange a surgeon in their home area for follow up care if needed.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.
Best wishes - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Probably another operation

Hi madam 
it is hard to answer really properly 
for the moment it is sure that you do not risk anything and healing is near to the end
but aesthetically speaking it is not convenient 
so you should convene to have a revision scar surgery with your doctor in a few months 

Nicolas Zwillinger, MD
France Plastic Surgeon

Wound healing

Sorry to hear that your recovery has not been very smooth.  While very inconvenient, thankfully with proper care post surgical wounds will heal.  Its important that you continue diligent wound care and make sure that you optimize your nutrition.  Protein intake helps gives the body all of the ingredients needed to heal a wound.  After you heal up and your scars mature 6-12 months from fully healing a small scar revision procedure under local anesthesia can usually be accomplished.  I known this is a tough situation to deal with but with proper care it will get better.

Jacob Bloom, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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