Needle marks or bruising? (Photo)

Hello, I had Juvederm, last evening. My first time. Are these needle marks or bruising? If bruising, will it get worse or better from this point? I am going away in 6 days and was hoping for the marks to be gone. Wondering if I am being realistic. Thank you.

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It looks as though you have some bruising and swelling in the same area.

It looks as though you have some bruising and swelling in the same area. Bruising and swelling are common side effects from injections. Bruises can take 2 weeks to completely resolve.

Traumeel cream can be applied to the bruise to increase healing time.

Good Luck.

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Needle bruises

It looks like the injections sites from the needles. If this occurs it usually goes away in a few days.  Best of luck on your trip,

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Needle marks or bruises

They appear to be small bruises from the needles. Any time something is injected you are at risk for bruises, so you need to be prepared for that. Hopefully these minor bruises are all that show up and you can cover them with a bit of makeup. If they do get worse, most bruises are gone within 10-14 days. You can try topical Arnica available at health food stores and apply it to these marks. Some patients swear that it helps tremendously.

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