Would buccal fat removal work for me? (Photos)

47 and still chubby cheeked! Will buccal fat removal help contour my face without making me look older? Feel like my buccal fat us herniated. Have nice high cheekbones and buccal fat removal my accentuate them more. Any drawbacks at this stage in life?

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Would buccal fat removal work for me? = It could help #buccalfat #buccalfatremoval #chubbycheeks

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In certain patients, buccal fat removal could help to achieve a less chubby lower face. if the patient has good cheek bone structure, it may help to accentuate the prominence of the cheek bones.

with buccal fat pad, there is the possibility of looking a bit older IF the patient has poor cheek bone definition ( because the facial skin sags). That's why cheek augmentation with either fillers (eg Voluma) or cheek implants is recommended. However, if the patient has good cheek bone structure and projection and minimal skin sagging, the risk could be minimal.

Patients interested in determining if buccal fat pad removal may help to achieve a less chubby face should make a consultation with a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon specialized in plastic surgery procedures of the face

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Buccal fat pad removal

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Thank you for your pictures! You may very well be a good candidate for buccal fat pad surgery.  Looking at the rest of your facial structure in the pictures provided I do not believe it would age you, as certainly too much volume loss accelerates the perception of aging.  I'd be interested to here if you have any history of dermal fillers as well.  As you have probably found out by now,  short of extreme fluctuations in weight, buccal fat remains fairly consistent.  An in person consultation and physical exam would be able to help delineate what procedure would be best for you.  Best of luck with your consultation!

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Buccal fat pad reduction for chubby cheeks

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Thank you for your photograph. Yes, you may be a good candidate for buccal fat reduction. Some patients are just born with relatively excess cheek fat, which doesn't change much with diet or exercise. Patients who may be candidates for buccal fat reduction are often also possible candidates for chin augmentation, neck liposuction, and/or masseter muscle reduction too. If you haven't already, then you may speak with a facial plastic surgeon to review appropriate options.

Dr. Chaboki

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