Can breast implant's placement can be slightly shifted?

I'm 2 weeks post op, had areola incision and I like my implants size, but they are not up close to form a good cleavage. Rather, implants are creating more of a side boob look. Is there any easy procedure just to shift the pocket of the existing implant (with or without slight incision) so it can be moved to achieve the desired look?

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At two weeks after surgery the implant pocket, which I'm assuming is under the muscle, has a tension in the muscle that forces the implant up towards the underarm and away from each other. As this muscle relaxes, which usually takes about a month or so, the space between the breasts will usually narrow. If you had a  wide breastbone to begin with, and your surgeon centered the implants on your nipple, your cleavage still may be wider than you want to be. Ask your surgeon if any displacement exercises or muscle stretching maneuvers may hasten your recovery. Good luck.

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Breast augmentation and cleavage

Thanks for your question.

You should first ask your Plastic Surgeon for their input.  Compressive lateral garments help to squeeze the breasts together and may stretch the medial pocket as it heals.  Many times, your anatotmy is the limiting factor as to if you may have narrow cleavage.

Best of luck.

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Cleavage is often determined by your underlying anatomy. If it was wide to begin with, then it is likely not going to be too narrow with implants. Trying to force it, may lead to other problems.

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Can breast implant's placement can be slightly shifted?

Check with your plastic surgeon; he/she may suggest displacement exercises and/or use of supportive bra/garment. Best wishes for an outcome that you will be pleased with longer-term.

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