Scar After Fat Grafting in Cheeks

After my surgery, where the doctor injected fat into my cheeks, I have what looks like a scar where the fat was put in. My doctor says it will go away, but it hasn't. From my understanding, aren't injections are done without scarring? How did this happen? Thank you!

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Fat injection

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After fat injection there is very little scarring if the fat graft took well and healed well. if the graft of fat did not take and you have fat necrosis(dead fat) then you will heal by scarring.

See your Plastic surgeon for a consult and treatment.

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Fat injections and scar

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Fat injections normally do not result in scarts. You dodn't describe your scar. If you have a discoloration, red or brown, this may not be a scar but a temporary side effect. If it's a depression ar a raised lump, your doctor might explain its origin. It shouldn't be an insertion scar as these are made by small cannulae or needles that don't leave marks except in rare cases where the skin has dense oil glands and pores.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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