Yesterday I Had a Superficial Basal Cell Removed from the Bridge of my Nose. Plastic Surgeon Sent Me for Mohs Surgeon?

stitches placed inside nose to desolve and stitches outside to be remove in a wk. How long for healing to be fully completed? will this area heal well yes or no? What should I do to help with the healing process? thankyou

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Healing optimization

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Some basics for optimizing your scar outcome include sun protection--not just to prevent skin cancer but also to help prevent color change in the scar.  This is most likely to occur within the first few months after surgery so use sunscreen diligently.  Also, if the scar is thicker than you would like, it can often be improved with use of massage, injection of steroid, or a pulsed dye laser.  If the scar is discolored after it has healed or has an irregular contour, lasers can also be used to help minimize those issues.  Wound care is critical immediately following the surgery and should include keeping the wound moist with Vaseline and cleaning it daily during the healing process as well as keeping physical activity to a minimum.  And yes, it takes often up to a full year for the scar to fully mature. 

Wound Healing and Final Result After Skin Cancer Surgery

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As a general rule, it takes 6-12 months to reach the final cosmetic result following skin cancer surgery and repair. Some people would recommend use of a silicone based product such as BioCorneum or other item (e.g. Mederma). Best option is to follow up with your doctor. Each surgeon may have a slightly different recommendation as to what to do for wound care and what to do to give the best cosmetic outcome. Good luck.

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Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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