Yellowish Discharge, Pinkish Breast 6 Days Post Breast Aug?

I am 6 days post op. I have a small amount of yellowish discharge out of my crease incision. Also my breast seems to be a little pink. Just slightly pink. Not the whole breast, just kind of half of it. You really have to look to notice the pinkish color. I am TERRIFIED of an infection! Is this normal? Theres no more pain than I have been having, its still swollen from the surgery. no fever.

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Discharge and pink color to breast

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Without an exam, it is impossible to say but I wills ay that sometimes when the incision has not healed completely that dressings can get soiled with yellowish material and the breast can have a pinkish hue along the lower pole or by the incisions.  Best to see your surgeon.

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Yellowish Discharge, Pinkish Breast 6 Days Post Breast Aug

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This sounds as if probably harmless, but do call your surgeon. With a bit more back and forth he or she can decide whether or not you should be seen earlier than scheduled. All the best. 

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Drainage and Pink Breast 6 Days after Breast Augmentation

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    Although this may be nothing, an area of spreading redness and warmth coupled with drainage would be signs of an infection.  Without any pictures or an exam, there is no way to know.

Breast Augmentation

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I agree - if my patient called with this story, I would see them right away!  Go see your plastic surgeon and your implant may be able to be saved! Good Luck!

Drainage Possible Infection

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You need to call your surgeon as soon as possible.  Infection usually occurs at 5-7 days and is usually easily treatable with a round of oral antibiotics.  What you are describing is not normal.  Good Luck!

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