Yellow Discharge After BA Stitch Removed, Normal?

Hi, I am 13 post op. the yellow discharge appear on day 8 after stitch removal. Today which is day 13, the yellow discharge stained my clothes, not sure if I had massage too aggressively that causes the discharge. Should I be alarm, or is this normal?

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Discharge after breast reduction

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I recommend that you see your plastic surgeon in followup to rule out infection and to determine whether this was a superficial reaction or a complication of the surgery. Best of luck.

Discharge after Breast Augmentation?

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Thank you for the question.

Unfortunately, only your plastic surgeon is in the position to advise you whether the discharge you have experienced is okay or whether you are experiencing a complication. Please follow up with him/her for evaluation.

Best wishes.

Post Operative Care

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I would advise that you contact your surgeon to review the situation and get additional guidance in your postoperative care.

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