Will a MACS Operation Plus Pinch Make my Eyes Too Tight?

2 years ago I had upper eyelid op. The outside corners of my eyes have scars and are very tight even after all this time. I did not have lower eye surgery. My surgeon (not the same one obviously) wants to give me an Extended Macs operation which includes lower eye pinch. Would this lower eye pinch make my eyes tighter (cat-like or other). Would appreciate any advice - thanks

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This very much depends on what your doctor does with your surgery

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A MACS lift is a limited access facelift with a great deal of vertical lift.  The effect is generally a superolateral sweep of cheek soft tissues.  While many site illustrate nice results from this procedure, it is possible for these type of procedures to create a bit of a sweep result.  A lot depends on precisely what the surgeon does and also what is going on in your face.  It is possible to have a pulled up effect at the eyes with more aggressive dissection with an effort to affect more of a midface lift at the time of the MACS lift.  

A lower eyelid skin pinch is generally a mild surgery but again what surgeons consider a "skin pinch" seems to vary.  This can be a minimalist excision of a small amount of lower eyelid skin to a surprisingly aggressive skin muscle flap that truly seems to be outside the concept of a "skin pinch."  The take home lession here is to get clear with your surgeon what precisely they have in mind with your surgery.  It is not enough for the surgeon to throw around buzz words.  If you are not sure or not comfortable (presumably this is why you are posting on Realself.com) get further consultation with your surgeon.  If you are not satisfied, do not have surgery with this surgeon.

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MACS lift eye distortion

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The extended MACS lift (also called a mini-lift, purse string suture face lift, Minimal Access Cosmetic surgery) risks distortion of the lower lid if not carefully done.

  • The lower eyelid 'pinch' trims skin as part of the Extended MACS lift.
  • It can leave skin too tight,
  • The extended MACS lift cheek-to-outer eye suture can cause distortions,
  • MACS lift results are ok but rarely as good as traditional face lifts.

MACS Lift and Lower Eyelid Pinch

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The MACS  lift and pinch excision of excess lower eyeld skin should not adversely effect eyelid shape. However, what will be done to improve the appearance  of the upper eyelid scars you describe?

Richard W. Fleming, MD
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MACS Facift with lower eyelid Pinch

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As you may know Belgium is where the MACS procedure was popularized and I am sure there many good Plastic surgeons there who know when and on whom to best use it. The direction of pull is vertically upward which while correction jowls and neck skin looseness it uncovers the excess skin of the lower lid (associated with the gradual sagging of the cheeks). When the MACS depositions facial structures where they need to be the excess lower lid laxity can be removed with a skin only "skin pinch" operation. It should not result in a tight slit like eye since only the excess skin is removed.

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

A lower eyelid skin-pinch is commonly performed with a MACS-Lift, short-scar face lift.

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MACS-lifting results in a vertical redrapment of your skin, and this tends to lead to bunching of excess skin in your lower eyelids. So this lower lid skin is typically excised after the MACS-lift has been performed, so this skin excess may be evaluated. This is not meant to change the shape of your eye or produce a "cat-like" appearance.

Since you're from Belgium, you should go for a consultation with Dr. Tonnard or Dr. Verpaele. These surgeons are excellent (I observed Dr. Verpaele in their state-of-the-art surgicenter). They also literally wrote the book on MACS-lifting. Their experience is vast, and I recommend either surgeon without any hesitation.

All the best from New Jersey.

Eric M. Joseph, MD
West Orange Facial Plastic Surgeon
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