2 Years Post Zygoma Reduction Symptoms Indicative of Bone Displacement or Nonunion?

I had Zygoma reduction in Asia 2 years ago and I have had a tenderness to the touch on a part of the Zygomatic arch on one side of my face. I feel a dull sensation there when I laugh a lot of chew on something chewy. I believe my surgeons technique was: cut points on both sides of the arch and then push it in to make the face narrower. There is a slight depression where the zygoma was pushed in as we'll. Are these indicative of problems with bone union? I feel like a functional problem arose.

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You need to understand that if you had a zygomatic arch break, this means the arch was broken in two places. An arch breaks in two places. If the original surgery was just elevation of the arch, it is expected that the arch will drop down and flatten some. Whether you had any other injury that causes your symptoms will need a full evaluation and a CT scan of the facial bones, maybe a 3D CT scan. See a plastic surgeon with sub specialty in craniofacial surgery

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