Five Years Post Op Breast Enlargement and My Right is Larger Than My Left?

It is sitting highter and at times feels uncomfortable. it is even noticeable when lying down. what could be the cause and what can be done? also they both feel the same - there is no hardness to my right breast at all. thanks.

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Asymmetric capsular contracture and cause volume distribution asymmetry after breast augmentation.

My guess is that you are experiencing modest capsular contracture that is artificially supporting the volume of the right breast (like a bra would).  Check in with you plastic surgeon to discuss treatment options.

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Signs of capsular contracture

If your breast started out more even five years ago, and now the right seems larger and higher, the signs point to capsular contracture. It is quite typical for the implant to round up and move higher and be more projecting on the chest when capsular contracture is involved. The discomfort is typical as well. Let your surgeon have to look to discuss options.

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My Right is Larger Than My Left?

Although a photo would help some, your issues really would be best discussed in the setting of an in person consultation. 

Several possible causes exist, including capsular contracture. Though both sides feel the same to you, they may not feel the same to an examining surgeon. Also,contractures are often present on both sides, and that could explain why they feel the same. 

It there is a contracture, there are some non-operative things to try, though they might have less chance of working this late. Otherwise, a secondary surgery might be recommended to improve the symmetry.

Thank you for your question, best wishes. 

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Capsular contracture

Although it is always hard to say without a picture or examining you in person, you could be experiencing capsular contracture, which would explain the pain and position. I would recommend scheduling an appointment with your surgeon or an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.

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Higher Implant at 5 Years

   A higher implant at 5 years with hardness and possibly pain may indicate capsular contracture.  If the breast is smaller as well, this would lend additional substantiation.  An exam is necessary.  Kenneth Hughes, MD breast implants Los Angeles, CA

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Breast Asymmetry 5 Years after Breast Augmentation?

Thank you for the question.

You will be much better off seeking follow-up with your plastic surgeon;  he/she will be in a much better position to advise you after a detailed history and physical examination. The presence of implant displacement and “discomfort” suggests the possibility of encapsulation, although you say that there is “no hardness” compared to the other side.

 Hopefully you will be able to follow-up with your plastic surgeon;  it is possible that revisionary breast surgery ( depending on exactly what is found on his examination) will allow you to improve the symmetry of the breasts.

Best wishes.

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