2 Years Post Liposuction on Butt and Thighs and Skin is Too Loose - What Can I Do Now?

I had lipo on my butt/ thigh area in the back & inner thighs. The lipo did help to smooth out my shape, as you can see a difference when wearing pants, but in a bathing suit, when sitting, you can see the skin fold on my other thighs as if its empty. My inner thighs also have loose skin, although at this point, im more concerned about the loose skin on the back because I believe my cellulite is looking worse. What can I do to fix this & tighten the skin?I tried velashape but its not working.

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Loose skin after liposuction

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There are only limited options for tightening loose skin of the body.  These include Thermage, Ultherapy, or surgical procedures such as a tummy tuck or a thigh lift. The surgical procedures tighten the most but you have to be willing to accept the scars, risk, and recovery of surgery.  There is more experience using Thermage on the body than Ultherapy.

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