Five Years Ago I Had Fat Grafts to Fill Under Eye Area. Can It Be Removed?

The area was over filled, has not dissipated and looks very distorted.

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Can fat grafts around eyes be removed 5 years later?

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Fat grafts, once healed, become integral with the surrounding tissue.  If the fat was properly applied, it will only be many small globules with muscle and fat around them.  These are nearly impossible to remove without creating new distortions.  However, if the fat is in larger lumps, these may be able to be removed through limited micro-aspirations.  I would suggest you find a skilled and experienced surgeon in your area who is willing to tackle what will be a difficult and challenging case.  Hope that helps.

Austin Facial Plastic Surgeon

Fat grafts vs Restylane to the tear troughs

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It is very difficult to remove fat excess from grafts in the lower lids without damaging vital structures or causing contour deformities.  That is why I personally only use Restylane for the tear troughs.

Fat graft to the tear trough and eye lid

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fat graft to the tear trough and eyelid areas are very difficult to remove. the fat can be in different levels, including intramuscular.

Surgical removal can be attempted but can creat more problems.

Only in severe deformities surgery should be attempted. Trying to remove from the muscle can destroy the muscle, which is not good.

Choose a BOARD CERTIFIED PLASTIC SURGEON(AMERICAN BOARD OF PLASTIC SURGERY).and discuss your options, risks and complications.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

Correction of fat injections on the lower eyelids

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Removal of fat grafts to the face is difficult. Surgical correction can leave scars and depression. It is not easy to remove this small amount of fat with liposuction without creating too much trauma and possible indentations. Corticosteroid injections do have risks,especially if mulitple treatments are needed, close to the eye.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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