Years after my fillers, my face is breaking out in hard lumps literally over night- what can I do?

I recently had hard lumps removed form both under eyes that had formed after i had a filler done some 3 years ago. recently I had naso-labial fillers and 2 weeks after the filler i had hard bumps come up over night under my eye brow and on one side of upper lip, and area of my naso-labial folds also turned red , became ridge like and hard and obvious. with Augmentin 1 gm BDS and Allegra, 180 mg once daily,the redness has subsided but the hard lumps remains.

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The reaction to the fillers depends on the filler used. Permanent and some semi permanent fillers may cause lumpiness and granulomas. Know what filler is being used and the risks. Stay away from permanent fillers.

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