Are Yearly eMatrix Procedures Required to Keep Acne Scarring at Bay?

Once eMatrix sessions are completed for acne scar reduction, are more treatments required? Is it pretty typical to have 4-5 sessions to remove these scars?

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EMatrix maintenance therapy at 1 year - Williamsville, NY

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Yes, it is recommended that once you get to the desired goal for acne scar treatment with eMatrix that you schedule an appointment at a 1 year and 2 year follow-up for possible maintenance therapy - at least an evaluation to see if you need more treatment. 

We have a structured protocol for eMatrix in our Williamsville, NY office. 

A maintenance treatment with Acne Relief Duo Pack skin products is recommended to prevent recurrent acne which can further cause ongoing scarring. 

Chemical peels and Ematrix

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Once you complete your Ematrix series, it may be a good idea to maintain results with yearly Ematrix or follow up with chemical peels and fractional laser. 

Dr. Karamanoukian 
Los Angeles

EMatrix procedures

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In my office I usually recommend 3 matrix treatments and then a few months without procedures, then possibly 1 or 2 more. The reason is that the results will continue to develop over a few months so some people will see enough results after only 3; others may need a few more for full results. After that, if your acne is at bay meaning you don't have current acne that's causing additional or new scarring, I'd recommend a treatment every 12 months or so. This will just keep your results maintained and will help with other issues, including fine lines, superficial wrinkles or lines, general tone and texture improvements, etc.

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