Breast Implant Revision 1 Year Ago, Recently Noticed my Natrelle Silicone Has Become Painful and Uncomfortable?

About One Year Ago I Had Replacement Surgery Because my Silicone Implants of 20+ Years Had Ruptured and They Replaced Them with the Natrelle silicone filled implants which were the wider and softer ones so that I would have clevage for the first time . They look and feel more natural than the old ones which were very hard and stood straight out from my body.However recently I've noticed that they have become hard and actually very uncomfortable if not painful at times. I'm wondering if this is normal because my doctor had said they they would remain soft and more natural or does that only last a year? thank you

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Natrelle Silicone Implants starting to feel hard after one year

For approximately the first six months after placement of an implant, a scar capsule forms around the implant as the body responds to the "foreign body" in that area.  While it was a good indication at six months that you formed a thin, supple capsule, it it important to note that hard scar tissue can grow around the capsule at any time in response to other issues going on in the body.  You may be experiencing an onset of capsular contracture.  While this isn't a health issue, it can be painful- especially in certain positions- and can make the implants look misshapen.  It is best to see your plastic surgeon to make comment about this possible onset.  He/she may recommend revisional surgery to remove the capsules and replace the implants.  You may also want to try other ways to alleviate this condition such as smoking cessation or vigorous massage.  It's best to discuss with your plastic surgeon.

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