1 Year Post Surgery, Bridge Has Shifted/deviated to One Side.Why?How Can This Be Corrected?

Hi, i Suffered trauma which led to a very unattractive bump on the bridge of my nose. Had a very successful septorhinoplasty to correct the aesthetics of my nose. However 1 year post surgery my nose has akwardly sort of deviated/shifted to one side which is very depressing and worrying. Why has this happend, can this be corrected, and what will most likely have to be done to the nose.

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Deviation of Bridge 1 Year Post Rhinoplasty

It sounds like one of the fractures secondary to your nasal trauma has shifted following the rhinoplasty procedure. A revision will probably be necessary, so talk to your surgeon or get a second opinion.

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Post rhinoplasty issues

It is very possible that your nose shifted a bit after corrective surgery, The nasal cartilge has memory and it likes to go back to its original shape.  Sometimes noses deviate back a bit after corrective surgery.

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