1 year post chin implant swelling

I got a chin implant with 3 screws. I've healed perfectly but 1 year later I started to notice a transient swelling that occurs sometime after very minor trauma and sometime unprovoked. This occured 3 times this year.This swelling usually starts at the sides with a palpable bump which then progresses to form a fully swollen chin. It is painful but I do not have any fever and no pus is coming out and also I cannot appreciate any obvious asymmetry. What is going on? And how a confirm the dx?

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1 year post chin implant swelling

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The swelling is most likely recurrent low grade infection. Please consult with your surgeon and search for any possible exposed part intra-orally.

Did you use silicone implant? On my experience, I haven't seen any incidence of infection following silicone implant but I've witnessed very isolated cases of infection with porous implants.

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