Can Scar Tissue from Breast Augmentation Cause Your Lymph Nodes to Stay Swollen?

I have to go to have a mamogram done this coming week. My surgeon says I have scar tissue from my breast aug that I had in Nov of 2010. My lymph nodes on my right side have been swollen for 4mths. I have been massaging my righr breast and wearing a sling to push the breast into place from the scar tissue. Is this normal for my lymph nodes to be swollen due to scar tissue?

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Swollen Lymph Nodes 1 year after Breast Augmentation

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Hi there-

As your surgery was quite a while ago, it is very unlikely that your swollen lymph nodes are related, but an exam and evaluation would be necessary to know.

I would discuss this with your family doctor.

Swollen lymph nodes in axilla

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There are many different causes of swollen lymph nodes, and I would suggest that you get evaluated by your medical doctor to rule out other causes. You should aslo see your breast surgeon as well.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Enlarged Lymph Nodes after Breast Augmentation

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Swollen lymph nodes are not a common occurrence after breast augmentation even if you have scar tissue in the breast.  I would recommend that you see your plastic surgeon and internist to evaluate the cause of your swollen lymph nodes.  Causes of swollen lymph nodes can include infections as well as cancers like lymphoma.  I don't want to scare you, but you should be evaluated soon.  A biopsy may be necessary to determine the cause.

Large Lymph Niodes

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Thank you for the question.

As I understand it your surgery was one year ago and loves have been “swollen” for 4 months.  I would not assume that the enlarged lymph nodes are  necessarily related to the breast implants. I would suggest follow-up with your primary care physician (as well  as your plastic surgeon)  for evaluation of the enlarged lymph nodes  and biopsy if your physicians feel it is indicated. Sometimes biopsy is the only way  to know the cause of lymphadenopathy that has been persistent for 4 months.

I hope this helps.


It would be unusual to have any lymph node swelling after breast augmentation

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It is unusual to have any lymph node swelling after breast augmentation. Where was the incision placed for your breast augmentation?  Was it in the axilla (armpit)?  That is really the only way I can envision lymph nodal swelling being an issue.  I would follow up with your board certified plastic surgeon for evaluation. 

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