Pigmentation differences after dermabrasion on one cheek

A Year Ago I Had Dermabrasion on One Cheek. I had hypopigmentation and now one cheek is obviously lighter and it is difficult to apply make-up that matches. I am considering dermabrasion on the other cheek. Any advice?

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Most hypopigmentations after dermabrasions are temporary.

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Most times when you get dermabraded your skin gets lighter or darker than the surrounding skin,  doing another dermabrasion on the other cheek isn't a bad idea to match the two sides.

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Dermabrasion resulting in hypopigmentation

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You should return to the physician who performed your previous dermabrasion for his opinion.  Dermabrasion on the other cheek is an option, especially if you have scarring.  Experiment with makeup since there are several brands that can give excellent coverage.  Examples are Jane Iredale, Dermablend and Cover FX.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
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