One Year After a Mid-face Lift, Upper Lip Too Tight So Strange Smile. Can It Be Fixed?

Mid-face lift, fat moved up, left cheeks rounder than when young. Face is too round for me. More bothersome is my upper lip was made much too tight so when I smile it flattens against my gums, pulls at my nostrils, and creates a pronounced ridge under my nose all across the upper lip. The weird stretching sitting in my too round face looks funny. I'm upset about it because I was more than happy with my pretty smile before the surgery. Can the lip be fixed so that it isn't so tight?

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Midface lift

Many aspects of a mid-face lift can be corrected. Exactly what you need can be complex decision.  You can only plan surgery based on an in-person exam.  Also, reading the operative report is crucial.  Was it truly a subperiosteal lift?  Was endotine used and could it be in the wrong position?  Were parts of the facial nerve controlling the lip affected?  Is there just too much swelling and more time is needed?  Bottom line, however, is that most concerns after a midface lift can be addressed by a Facial Plastic surgeon who is familiar with the procedure.

Good luck.

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One Year After a Mid-face Lift, Upper Lip Too Tight So Strange Smile. Can It Be Fixed?

 I have performed Face Lifts for over 20 years and if this is a true Mid Face Lift, also called a "subperiosteal lift", it may be very difficult to correct.  One of the reasons, that I don't like and won't perform this type of Face Lift is the direction of pull that has a tendency, IMHO, to pull the corners of the mouth and eyes upward because the tissues are lifted off the bone and are elevated in this direction.  

  Unlike traditional and minimal incision Face Lifts that are peformed more superficially, the periostium layer adheres to the bone and it is difficult to get the tissues to relax into a more aesthetically normal position post operatively.  Photos would be useful for further evaluation.  Sometimes tissues massage can loosen things up over time.  I prefer to use minimally invasive SMAS Imbrication (not plication) Face Lifts combined with aesthetically pleasing facial shaping to create youthful and naturally attractive faces.

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Midface lift too tight.

I would need to see photos and examine your face to give an honest answer. It will also depend on how it was done.

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Unfavorable results after mid-face lift

Hi Jezzebel.  In your case, pictures of you before and after your procedure would be worth a thousand words.  Please resubmit your question with images.  Also it would be helpful to know how long ago your procedure was.  Thanks.

Joseph N. Togba, MD
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