I would like to find a doctor for Ultherapy treatments in my area.

How can I locate a professional doctor who performs Ultherapy on a patient. I been calling around but doctors usually let their staff do it and I am not confident in letting anyone that is not a doctor work on my face. I live just outside Philadelphia, Pa. Doesn't seem like a lot of doctors in that area post on this site. Can anyone help?

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Ultherapy performed by Doctor

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Thanks for your question. As strange as it sounds you may have difficulty finding a physician that actually performed the procedure. Many practices outsource the procedure to a technician or rarely a nurse. In my opinion the Ulthera technology and device are much more akin to a surgical instrument than other spa related technologies and as such should be operated by a surgeon. When uses properly the device can create amazing near surgical result, when used improperly it can cause harm or have unintended results, just like any surgical procedure. I personally perform all Uthera treatments myself, but again I think that I am in the minority. Hope this helps. 

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Who should do ultherapy

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Who can legally do different procedures varies by the state.  Ultherapy, the use of high intensity ultrasound to tighten and lift the skin, is  commonly done by nurses or physician assistants instead of physicians, in part because it is quite time consuming and something that can be trained.  In my office, I did the procedure myself until my nurses had the opportunity to watch the procedure with me multiple times, understand the science and go through multiple training sessions in which they did the procedure on each other. After years of working together, I am confident in their ability to do the procedure, to recognize when not to do the procedure despite the schedule and their willingness to let me know if they have any questions or concerns.  My recommendation is that you discuss with your physician how she has trained her staff and what experience they have doing it in her office.I hope this answer was helpful. Best wishes!

Heidi A. Waldorf, MD
New York Dermatologist
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