Yag Lasers for Slightly Sagging Cheeks?

My face has become fuller due to slightly sagging skin and I have somewhat lost my once prominent cheeks. I am thinking of trying the gentle Yag since I was told it will tighten skin significantly. Will I get some results or will I be wasting time and money?

Thank you.

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Gentle Yag and Skin Tightening

We use the GentleYag laser to tighten skin but there are other lasers that also work on skin tightening including Titan and Thermage. All of these modalities will help tighten the skin, but you do need to have realistic expectations. The results are not as significant as those seen with invasive surgery; however, with laser skin tightening you have very little downtime and minimal discomfort during the treatment. The non-invasive approach of these lasers makes them very popular.  We recommend patients do a series of 4-6 treatments spaced about 4-6 weeks apart for optimal results.

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GentleYAG vs Thermage, Titan and Accent for skin tightening

There are a variety of non-surgical approaches to tightening skin.

The GentleYAG laser has been used to tighten skin but, in my experience, the following 3 do a better job: Thermage, Titan and Accent treatments. All of these modalities will help tighten the skin, but you do need realistic expectations, as the results will never be as significant as those seen with surgery. Because these non-invasive approaches are done without the risk of surgery, they are very popular.

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