Is One Yag Laser Better Than Other Yags for Hair Removal?

Also, one doctor told me there is a risk of of hyperpigmentation with the cryogen spray on the gentleyag so to use a different yag? is this accurate? how long would it be normal to be red and bumpy after treatment? I am still red and bumpy a week later. How long should hairs take to fall out? Hairs fell of at treatment but left what the doctor says are hair follicles which still have to fall out? Also, if i were going to develop hyperpigmentation how long would it take to happen?

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Yag lasers for hair removal

Yes it is true that all Yag lasers are not the same, but the GentleYag is a very good machine.   i also like the Cutera Yag.   Some doctors prefer contact (non cryogen cooling) while some prefer the cryo.  If cooled properly with either machine, the risk of hyperpigmnetation is quite low.  It usually shows up within a month.  Make sure you are using a zinc based sunscreen daily and a topical vitamin C serum can alos help reduce your risk.  Over cooling with the cryogen spray actually increases your risk of hypopigmentation, not hyperpigmentation.  Being red and bumpy is not unusual.  Your hair follicles do not fall out.  If this is what your doctor actually said, you need to see a board certified dermatologist who has a specilaty in lasers.  Perhaps you misunderstood?  Best to you.



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