Is Yag Laser Usually Done As Spot Treatments, or Should an Entire Area (The Face) Be Treated at Once?

A person has very Irish skin and over the years (as many others ) have damaged their skin from too much sun. Consulted a doctor recently with the different types of laser options that could remove the sun damage, age spots and feckles. He suggested the Yag Laser. The person had the yag laser resurfacing on both arms and hands on Thursday. During the treatment their eyes were covered with safety glasses so they was unaware that hey were only doing certain areas and not the entire area. Now they are concern that when the areas heal and the new skin in exposed they are going to have an uneven skin tone since the entire area was not treated. Can anyone tell if this was the correct technique to be used on someone with feckled skin? Is there another type of laser that should have been used to get an more uniform result?

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Yag is a great laser for selected brown spots but to treat an entire area it is best to use the Fraxel

I love the Yag because it gets very dark difficult to treat brown spots.  However, if you want to treat an entire area of skin, be it your face, neck, chest, arms, or legs, you have to do the Fraxel dual on the 1927 wavelength. Typically it will get lighter brown spots and may need three treatments a month apart for extensive sun damage.  Again, if there are some very dark difficult to treat dark spots, you may need the Yag.  If you had provided photos it would be easier.  I am unclear why the doctor didn't show or explain to you the area that he/she was treating before the procedure.  During your follow-up you should discuss the Fraxel for any other freckled skin.

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