ND Yag Candela Gentle Stimulated Hair Growth on my Back and Shoulders (photo)

I've been going to this hair removal clinic for 2 years now, and laser made the fine hair on my back longer and darker. I am naturally very light skinned and have very dark hair. Should i let them keep treating it or should i stop? it feels like its gotten worse after they switched from Sheer Duet after 3 treatments to Nd Yag and started treating my back in all areas. I don't know why they treated those areas in the first place

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Can laser treatments cause additional hair growth?

Hello. Low fluence (energy) laser treatments have been shown to cause increased hair growth in some cases. The Yag laser is not the best option for a light skinned dark haired patient. We would use the Lumenis Lightsheer but NOT the painless hair removal mode that exists on the Lightsheer duet. This mode is fast and painless but does not result in good permanent hair loss. We are also in LoS Angeles and would be happy to clarify these issues for you in a free consultation. Click on the link below to the website to call us.

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