Nd Yag Blue Vein Around Eye?

Hi Ive had nd yag long pulsed treatment for a blue veing around 1 cm of orbital rim on my left eye. Following the treatment my vision in my left eye has a light and dark spot and is making it difficult for me to see in that eye. Ive contacted the clinic and they say they have no experience and would recommend i cease treatment. Is this normal and will my vision improve?

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Vision and visual disturbances after laser vein treatment

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I recommend that you go to the emergency room immediately and/or seek treatment from an ophthalmologist immediately. 

Laser Treatment For Vein Around Eye

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Your concern does not sound normal and I would suggest that you see an ophthalmologist for an ocular evaluation.

Sabrina Fabi, MD
San Diego Dermatologic Surgeon
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Vision changes after vein treatment around eye

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I have no experience with this either, but personally I use sclerotherapy injections around the eye area, not Nd YAG as I find the results better. Were you were goggles during the treatment? Did you sense any light coming directly into your eye? Was there any pain? I would suggest you see an ocular surgeon or a Ophthalmologist for an assessment of your vision and eye. This would be what I would recommend you do as quickly as possible to see if something did in fact happen to your eye itself.

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