ND YAG: 1064 to Remove Blue Temple Veins?

ND YAG: 1064 to remove blue temple veins? Is there any dangers to this procedure? Here is why I ask. I'm in Ireland and while I can find a good few clinics that have and use the ND YAG: 1064 they don't have any experience treating blue temple veins. Or does anybody know anywhere in Ireland that I can have this done? Thanks in advance

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Nd YAG laser or KTP laser for temple veins - Buffalo Niagara, NY

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As you will see in this forum, there are a lot of ways to treat temple veins:

The largest can be treated with microphlebectomy.

Intermediate veins can be treated with sclerotherapy or RF therapy.

Intermediate sized veins can also be treated with Nd YAG 1064 nm laser or 532 nm KTP laser. 

There are a lot of phlebologists in Ireland and you should seek their expertise. 

Multiple options

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YAG laser, V-beam laser and limited sclerotherapy for facial veins are common practice techniques.  The laser therapy is based on light absorption---in other words the lighter skin absorbs less heat from the laser than the darker colored veins.  Puffy edema, bruises, an rupture of the small veins is very common making the area look purple and bruised.  We often alternate YAG laser with V-beam laser and occasional limited sclerotherapy to get rid of facial veins. Larger blue temple veins respond better to limited sclerotherapy.  For a long time, physicians were concerned about sclerotherapy in the face.  Recent studies have shown that limited sclerotherapy can be safely completed in the face.  If the vessel is more than 2 mm in diameter, then a specialized technique of very gentle surgical removal (a micro-phlebectomy) can be done through a very small incision.  Not sure where you can have the procedure completed in Ireland.  Look for an experienced Phlebologist. 

James E. White, MD
Chattanooga General Surgeon

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