Can Nd YAg 1064 Cause Folliculitis, Scarring and Veins to Look Worse? (photo)

I had the 1064 Yag laser done to zap some unwanted spider veins on my face 3 weeks ago. I am fair and have been told I have vascular rosacea. I have been getting lasers done to my face for years and have never responded like this. Dr who treated saw me a week later and put me on Vanos, then a few days later prescribed a Z-pack. Saw another derm who was not certain what I had. I am in pain, my skin still feels hot, still red where treated and my chin is still!

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ND Yag complications

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Thank you for your question about problems after your ND Yag treatment.

  • Your ND YAG laser reaction can be from infection, sun or topical creams,
  • Put nothing at all on your face, cool with ice packs,
  • stay out of the sun completely,
  • If you have cold sores or if tiny clear blisters, it is most likely herpes.
  • Consider a third consultation, with another dermatologist, plastic surgeon or ID specialist/. Hope this helps. Best wishes.

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