VY Surgery to Lengthen the Upper Lip and Treat a Gummy Smile? (photo)

I have a gummy smile, which is more apparent from my side profile. My upper lip pretty much disappears when I smile. A dentist in India looked at my pictures and said that I would benefit from the V Y lip lengthening procedure. Done some research and plastic surgeons seem to oppose this treatment. I am confused about the effectiveness of the treatment. Also how long is the recovery time from such a procedure? I have a big event coming up in 4 weeks. Will I be fully healed? Thanks in advance!

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Gummy Smile relieved by limiting lip motion

The vestibule is the area between the inside of the lip and the alveolus and teeth.  A proceedure that removes some of  the mucosal tissue will shallow the vestibule and then limit how much the upper lip moves during smiling. 


The goal is to show less of a gummy smile.  It it a (reverse) vestibuloplasty.  During smiling there would be a tighter lip and less display of teeth and gums.


Prior to doing that procedure investigate the length of the teeth.  If very short than crown lengthening or combination therapy might be the best.

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