How Soon Can I Take Xeomin After Botox for Cervical Dystonia?

The Botox for my cervical dystonia only lasted a few days. Can I ask the neurologist for another injection using Xeomin?

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Botox vs xeomin for cervical dystonia

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Botox has been used by neurologists for many years for cervical dystonia but Xeomin has only been released recently and you need to ask your doctor if they  have experience with Xeomin for this purpose. The number of units needed might be different and despite it not having a long lasting effect, the Botox might still be present and affect the timing that injections of Xeomin would be considered safe.

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Consult your neurologist

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It really is going to be best to consult your neurologist on this one. Using any neurotoxin for CV is very different than using them for cosmetic reasons. Additionally, be aware that if your insurance covered your Botox procedure for CV, they will NOT cover another procedure for a minimum of 3 months even if it's with a different neurotoxin.

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