What is Xanthogranulomatos Mastitis in my Left Breast Calcifications Identified with Fat Necrosis?

I had a breast reduction one year and ten months ago. After the first surgery I needed to go back into surgery the day after because I developed a hematoma. A month after I went into surgery to remove skin necrosis from my nipple. So Ive had a lumpy breast ever since. Ive recently had mammogram that looked horrible so they reccomended a biopsy which l had last week. Results say: A- Xanthogranulomatous mastitis, calcifications identified with fat necrosis. Does this need to be removed?

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Xanthogranulomatosis Mastitis after Breast Reduction?

I am sorry to hear about the difficulties you have had after breast reduction surgery. Although I have not had a patient with a diagnosis of xanthogranulomatosis  mastitis, my understanding is that this is a benign inflammatory process,  that does not mandate surgical intervention. The doctors who know you, your examination,  and your mammogram findings best will likely  be able to advise you better than online consultants will be able to.

 If the lesion  are symptomatic and/or confuse mammographic evaluation for breast cancer than surgical excision may be warranted.

 I hope this helps.

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