What is wrong with asking the dermatologist to do ultherapy, as opposed, to a non-MD office staff member?


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What's wrong

That is a very good question. There is nothing wrong with wanting it to be performed by a physician. Some offices have Ultherapy performed by a non physician because it is a time consuming procedure. Other offices have Ultherapy performed by a physician. The results are somewhat user dependent, so you may want to consider choosing a practitioner that performs the procedure themselves. Good luck.

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Choosing an Ultherapist

Thank you for your question. As stated below, most offices have other trained medical professional s perform Ultherapy. In our office, we have our physician extenders (Nurse Practitioner and Physician Assistants) perform all of the Ultherapy procedure. They have been extensively trained in this procedure and they do it regularly. They have attended all the advanced training, seminars and conferences for this, so we are confident our patients are receiving the highest quality care and treatment. Also, we customize each treatment for the patient to assure they will achieve their special goals and results. We also use a triple layer approach on each patient, stimulating collagen at the multiple layers of the skin and maximizing the lifting and tightening results of the procedure.

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Ultherapy Treatments by Physician Assistants

Once a physician evaluates you and determines whether Ultherapy is the right treatment for you - versus liposuction neck and/or face or neck lift or both - a trained physician assistant or nurse practitioner can provide the treatment as outlined by the physician - # treatmtent lines, areas where additional treatment lines can be useful if appropriate (under the eyes, around the eyes (outer) and eyebrows, among others. The initiial consultation is KEY and treatment outline will help the practitioner deliver Ultherapy as directed by the physician based on the look you are seeking. For more information about the Ultherapy procedure, refer to the Ultherapy book providedo n the link below: 

Ultherapy providers, who is best?

Thank you for the question. The question of who is better to provide the treatment with Ultherapy is a good one. Since Ultherapy is a rather time consuming procedure and often a staff member in the physicians office is trained to perform the procedure. Staff members are typically trained by the company that manufactures the Ultherapy machine, and provide this treatment under the supervision of the physician. You may be better off with the staff member doing your treatment if the physician does not do it very often. I used to do the treatments in my practice, but now I feel confident that my nurse provider, is doing just as good a job, and my patients are very happy with the care provided. Good luck.

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What is wrong with asking the dermatologist to do ultherapy, as opposed, to a non-MD office staff member?

Non physicians and well as physicians perform Ultherapy treatments but the reason why you see non physicians doing it basically comes down to the time and cost. As it is a rather long treatment many offices prefer to have non physicians perform the treatments to cut costs. If you end up going with a staff member to perform the Ultherapy, make sure you do your research and find someone who is well trained and has great experience.

Ultherapy and the Ultherapist

Thank you for the question. The basic answer is that Ultherapy is a rather time consuming procedure and pricing in most offices is based on a staff member performing the procedure. Staff members are trained by the company that manufactures the Ultherapy machine, to perform the procedure. The screen has a computer generated graphic which details where and how many pulses have been delivered. If you want the Dermatologist/ Facial Plastic Surgeon to perform the procedure, it is likely to be more expensive.

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