What is Wrong with the Area Under my Eye After 1 Year of Co2 Laser? (photo)

Had Co2 laser above and below eyes. Several areas took a long time healing, had resurfacing on some areas at later date. One area under the eye did not look sore but it was and was a little swollen. It is still swollen after 1 year and seems to be getting larger. Tretinoin products inflame it more. All of this is under the skin. What is it? In the picture it is a little purplish in color under the eye.

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Co2 Laser One Year Post Operative Eye Swelling

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It is very difficult to see in this photo with just the one eye showing and no comparison of the other eye or preoperative photographs. Your surgeon should best be able to discuss this complication since he/she has been treating you for some time. It is common to get redness or pigmentation change after laser which can be treated with topical prescriptions. If your surgeon doesn't have answers for you then I would suggest you have your surgeon refer you to a dermatologist for second opinion.

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