Had A Nose Implant in 2006, Took it Out in 2011, Got Another in 2012 in Thailand, Realized Implant is Off-Center?

I have nose job in Indonesia on 2006 with L implant silicon and the implant getting out on 2011 and I takeoff the implant because I worry it will be infection. since 1 year I wait for nose job again. now april 2012 I do surgery for nose job and alarplasty in bangkok-thailand but after swelling down and go check and my implant is not in the middle position. the implant in the left closed to my eye. and the alarplasty is not right, one hold is small and one hold is big. I feel heart and upset. what can I do?


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Revision Rhinoplasty and Implants

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The best thing to consider is to have a long discussion with the surgeon that performed the procedure about your options.  Frequently, during the first several weeks, swelling can make the nose look crooked or asymmetric and this may change on a daily basis.  Talk with your surgeon and let him guide you through the healing process.

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Nasal implant crooked

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My best advice is don't go back to Thailand . Seek out a revision expert in the Uited States. They are the best trained. Have him do your surgery.

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Since you are having problems from your rhinoplasty for the second time. Your options is to go back to your surgeon and discuss the problems and what can be done, and options to repair the problems.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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