Wrong Size Implant Inserted?

I had BA surgery for asymmetry 3 years ago.Anatomical, textured implants over the muscle. I had 420cc's in the right and 335cc's in the left.I've had 3 further surgeries since. (correcting rotation and explanting implant for 3 months because of hematoma from shearing.) I had my 4th surgery 3 days ago to reinsert the missing (smaller) implant in my left breast. They ordered the 420cc by mistake and inserted that. What solution is there??My breasts and I have gone through so much trauma already.

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Wrong Size Implant Inserted?

Sorry to hear about what you have gone through up to now. My advice would be to await several months, and see if there is more asymmetry than you find acceptable, and then proceed with replacement with the appropriate size. Sometimes there can be a size change after explantation. The worst outcome now would be to replace this with a 335 right away, and then find out in several months that that side is smaller. I would expect that the office making the error would cover your costs. 

Best wishes.  

Seattle Plastic Surgeon
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Breast augmentation correction

It sounds like you are going through a very difficult time with this. Understandably so.  I would suggest the following: You have had a lot of surgery over a relatively short period of time in the same region.


At this point, I would definitely allow everything to heal. I would not consider any intervention for the next several months. At that point you will need to reassess whether the final result justifies another surgical intervention (with its inherent risks and possible complications). The road you will ultimately chose (more surgery vs keeping the implant) is a decision you need to be comfortable with. Take the time to heal, and discuss the options with your surgeon when you are ready.



Andreas Nikolis, MD
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Best Option after Wrong Breast Implant Inserted?

I'm sorry to hear about the complications/frustrations you have experienced after multiple breast operations. I think, at this point, your best resource remains your plastic surgeon. If the breast implants that have been used do not  achieve  as much breast symmetry ( as  possible realistically),  then additional surgery to remove/replace the breast implant may be indicated.

 If ,on the other hand, you find that the breast symmetry present after your most recent  operation is acceptable, you  may be best off avoiding additional surgery.

 Communicate your question/concerns directly to your plastic surgeon in a calm/constructive fashion.

 Best wishes.

Tom J. Pousti, MD, FACS
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Tricky situation

As a surgeon, my initial instinct would be to want to replace the implant with the correct size ASAP. Given what you've been through, if this op heals ok, there are no complications, and most importantly, you feel you can live with the size discrepancy, you need to give consideration to throwing your cards down and walking away from the poker table while you can.


Mark Baldwin, MBBS
Melbourne Plastic Surgeon
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Implant issue

I suppose that if the smalelr implant was size appropriate the only solution would be to place a smaller implant back in.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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