Breasts Feel Swollen and Painful and Liposuction

After 6 months of doing lipo breast surgery, it feels swollen and is very painful when touched. I consulted my doctor and he recommended antibiotics in case of infection but the pain is still there after 2 weeks. Is this a more serious problem?

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Recovery from liposuction breast reduction is quick and easy.


I have not heard of or seen what you are describing.  So I would be inclined to take it seriously.  You need a through evaluation.  A sonogram will tell you if there are fluid collections in the breasts.

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Liposuction breast reduction

Liposuciton can induce fat necrosis as well as fibrosis or cysts. These may be painful or tender and may require evaluation with ultrasound or other radiologic imaging techniques. Ultimately an aspiration or biopsy may be required to establish a diagnosis or provide relief 

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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Liposuction of the breasts

Liposuction of the breasts, to induce a breast lift, is not the same as a surgical mastopexy but can not be called non-surgical breast lift. It is surgery but with a cannula, just not a knife. Trauma is induced and inflammation occurs. Scarring, or the production of collagen, occurs and this may create changes in the subcutaneous tissues of the breasts. Might there be an increased risk of fibrocystic breast changes after such surgery? Could fluid-filled breasts be the cause of this tenderness? Are you on any new medication. I would suggest you see a breast surgeon. They will examine your breasts and maybe recommend a sonogram to see if there is a cystic development.

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